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American Dad! Season 5 Episode 6 Shallow Vows

Upset that Francine has let herself go, Stan takes drastic measures when she asks him to renew their wedding vows.

American Dad! Season 5 Episode 5 Man in the Moonbounce

Steve must become the “man of the house” when Stan relives his childhood.

American Dad! Season 5 Episode 4

After Hayley and Steve leave for their summer vacations, Francine looks forward for the time she will have alone with Stan. However, Roger is living in the attic fighting for all the attention he can get.

American Dad!Season 5 Episode 3 Home Adrone

Steve and his friends find and play with what they think is a video game in his father’s study, but they really activate a CIA drone.

American Dad!Season 5 Episode 2 Moon Over Isla Island

Stan has to convince the dictator of Isla Island to sign a treaty in order to get a promotion at work. When Stan meets the general and accidentally kills him, he gets Roger to pose as the leader of the small island nation. However, Roger takes his persona too far and Stan has to rescue [...]

American Dad! Season 5 Episode 1 In Country…Club

When Steve is selected to sing the national anthem at the Langley Falls Veterans’ Day celebration, he gets some heat from Stan who doesn’t think he’s ready for such an undertaking. Unimpressed with Steve’s vocal talents, Stan decides Steve needs to experience real war in order to sing about our country’s military prowess. But things [...]

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