Archive for November 26th, 2009

The Simpsons Season 21 Episode 6 Pranks and Greens

Principal Skinner tells about about, And Hamilton, a former student who was an even better prankster than he. Bart tracks down Andy, now 19 and still pulling pranks, and the two become quick friends.

How I Met Your Mother Season 5 Episode 9 Slapsgiving 2 Revenge of the Slap

Barney’s unhappy after a slap bet is bequeathed to Ted and Robin by Marshall. Lily’s long-absent father arrives for Thanksgiving.

Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 10 The Last Days of Disco Stick

Hoping to impress the elitist theater kids at NYU, Blair calls in a favor to land a private concert with the hottest musical performer of the year, Lady Gaga.

Family Guy Season 8 Episode 7 Jerome is the New Black

Peter and the guys interview potential friends to fill the vacancy left by Cleveland. However, things don’t look so good for NBA star Kevin Garnett when it’s discovered that Quagmire hates him.

Glee (2009) Season 1 Episode 11 Hairography

Will is concerned that Sue is leaking info, so he visits with a rival club’s instructor (Eve) while the kids check out their competition. Meanwhile, Kurt gives Rachel a makeover, and he may have hidden motives for doing this.

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